Bra Earring

Bra Earring

To mark the occasion of International Women’s Day 2021, we are proud to launch a new design devoted — as always — to the celebration of women’s bodies.

Drawing on our recurring themes of surrealism and femininity, this singular gold ‘Bra’ earring is our witty homage to the history of women’s bodies, and undergarments. With its straps turned into chains and clothes peg post, it hangs from the ear as if it were drying on a washing line, or draped on the floor after another exhausting day of being a sister, mother, wife, colleague: 21st century woman.

For more than a century, the bra has been at the centre of women’s lives, a personal motif that is unique to every woman. It has been a divisive item ever since it was first invented exactly a century ago by Caresse Crosby, who also happened to be a patroness of surrealist artists in Paris. A generation of women burned them in defiance of the patriarchy, while others have found support in the item’s, well, support.

Whatever it represents to us personally, there is no denying it is a powerful symbol of femininity — something that is at the heart of the brand's ethos. Every object we design and produce, whether it is a ceramic or a piece of jewellery, is an exploration of women’s bodies in their beautifully imperfect curves and bumps.

The bra earring is the latest addition to the sisterhood of Anissa Kermiche objects and jewellery and our permanent canon of classic house designs — because for us, every day is International Women’s Day, with or without a bra!

Size & Material
Brass, 24K yellow gold plating.